Save Money When You Shop This Holiday Season

Here at Siam Garden, we’re here to give you a chance to relax with Thai food in New Jersey. And this time of year, we know you’ll need a chance to relax, because the holidays mean shopping, shopping, and more shopping!

We want you to be in a great frame of mind when you visit us, though, and we have the perfect way to do it: by helping make sure you save money this holiday season! Shopping during the holiday season can get pricey, but if you prepare ahead of time and do your homework you can save a lot. Try these tips and your wallet will thank you for it:

  • Use coupons! This is the easiest way to save money because most retail stores put out a lot of coupons during this holiday season. Also consider Groupon, which is a group coupon site that can generate great discounts for your holiday shopping.
  • Browse discount codes. There are tons of discount codes online if you search for them, but you have to look!
  • Try shopping apps on your smartphone. There are apps out there that will show you local sales and some where you can even purchase the gift right in the app!
  • Ask for a price match. If an item is on sale at a different store, bring proof and ask for a price match.
  • Stick to a budget. Make a budget before you go shopping and stick to it. When you start to waiver from your budget is when you start to spend money you shouldn’t.
  • Consider buying one or two extra generic gifts. If you get an unexpected gift or invited to a last minute party you might end up running out and getting something and spending too much money.
  • Buy discounted gift cards. When you buy online from places like you can save anywhere from 5%-30% off the face value of a gift card.
  • Use social media! You’ll find that a lot of retailers offer discounts on their Facebook or Twitter pages exclusively to their fans and followers.
  • Consider a secret snowflake or white elephant exchange. This will save you money because you’ll only have to buy one gift!
  • Make a shopping list and bring it with you. Cross off people as you go. This will help to avoid forgetting people and also forgetting you already bought a gift for someone.
  • Consider Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. While the idea of shopping on Black Friday can be overwhelming, you do save a lot of money with the sales that day. If shopping from home is more your style, you can get Cyber Monday deals shopping online!

There are so many ways to save money during the holiday season, as long as your do your homework ahead of time! And don’t forget, while you’re out there shopping you’ll need a break — and that’s what Siam Garden is here for! To give you an escape from the real world with our relaxing atmosphere and authentic Thai cuisine in NJ. Enjoy, and happy holidays!