Where Does The Name “Red Bank” Come From?

Here are Siam Garden, we feel blessed to do business in the community we do. When we set out to offer authentic Thai food in New Jersey, we knew we wanted a community that would embrace ethnic cuisine. Red Bank was that community. The people here are wonderful, our patrons are great, and we love working with our fellow business owners.

We don’t just love being in Red Bank for what it is today, either. Our town has a very interesting history – including how it got its name!

The history of the name “Red Bank” dates to before the American Revolution. The earliest known use was in 1736, when a plot of land was referred to as “a lot of over three acres on the west side of the highway that goes to the red bank” during a real estate transaction between Thomas Morford and Joseph French.

Red Bank - Broad Street, 1890sIn other words, it was a simple description of the landscape.

The area now known as Red Bank was originally part of “Shrewsbury Towne,” and began to be built up in the mid 1800s. Through the middle decades of the 19th Century, blacksmiths, lumber yards and other industry contributed to growth in the area. The trains arrived in the 1860s, and Red Bank became a boom town – and that old description from 1736 stuck.

Finally, in 1908, Red Bank split from Shrewsbury and became a town of its own, still using the name attributed to it by Thomas Morford and Joseph French.

Well, maybe. The truth is, records from the early days of Red Bank are very sparse. The above explanation is really a best guess by local historians. We may never know the real truth of how Red Bank got its name. This story may be as close as we get!

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The Galleria Red Bank’s Amazing History

If you have been to Siam Garden, you know that we take our location and ambiance very seriously. That’s why we are pleased to be located in a beautiful, historic building that has come to be a true landmark for Red Bank, NJ.

Red Bank GalleriaWe are talking about The Galleria Red Bank, a structure with a rich history and an even better future.

Despite its modern amenities, the large, sprawling building has a rustic feel – and that is no surprise. The building is over 100 years old! Once called the Eisner Building, construction started in 1907 and took ten years to be completed. The name comes from Sigmund Eisner, a family whose legacy stretches far beyond Red Bank. His grandson, Michael Eisner, is the former Chairman of Walt Disney!

Even prior to the Disney connection, the Eisners and their historic local building made an impact on the world. Once its doors were opened, it was a fully-featured textile factory. There, laborers worked to create uniforms that were worn by American soldiers in World War I and World War II. It was also one of the largest manufacturers of uniforms for the National Park Service, as well as for Boy Scout uniforms. Many old uniforms still bear the “Eisner” label inside.

Over the years the textile industry left the building. In danger of falling into disrepair, the building was purchased in 1984 and transformed into what it is today – a lovely, modern facility with shops, offices, stores, and fine Thai food in New Jersey.

It’s hard to argue with the results. The more than 100,000 square feet of the building showcase gorgeous red brick, hardwood floors, vintage ceilings, and more.

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Red Bank In The Summer

It is no secret that Red Bank is a beautiful community. Awash in history, gorgeous architecture, and things to do, it is a lovely place to live, a great place to visit, and a delightful place to do business.

Red Bank SunsetIt should come as no surprise that there are many things to do in Red Bank this summer. We love having visitors in town – we have served authentic Thai cuisine in Red Bank, NJ for many years and have enjoyed welcoming people to our community – so with that in mind we decided to take a few moments and share the exciting things happening in Red Bank this summer with you.

There are more than we could list, but here are the highlights:

Food & Wine Walks – Take in an array of food from the town’s fine restaurants (including our own Thai food) and sample many fine wines during this tour of town. The walks are held one Sunday each month. Find out more in our Red Bank Food & Wine Walk blog post!

Galleria Farmer’s Market – Every Sunday from 9am to 2pm, farmers from throughout the region gather at the historic Galleria Red Bank, home of Siam Garden, and sell the freshest food you can imagine. It’s a great way to spend your morning!

The Count Basie Theater – From music to comedy to theater and more, the world famous Count Basie Theater draws some of the top acts in the nation. We’re thrilled to have this landmark right around the corner. Dinner and a show is the perfect date!

And that is just a small sample of what Red Bank has to offer. We’re proud to work in this community, and you’ll be proud to visit it. We look forward to seeing you!

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Take A Walk, Enjoy Some Wine

When you combine several great experiences into one, the result is a fantastic day out. That’s why we’re so pleased to be participating in Red Bank’s monthly Food & Wine Walks. The next is on Sunday, July 21, and you won’t want to miss it.

Combining a stroll through the historic Red Bank community, samples of delicious food from an array of Red Bank restaurants, including Siam Garden’s Thai cuisine, and wine tastings at selected establishments, Red Bank Wine Walkthe monthly Food & Wine Walks are a great way to experience new things with new people. With a wristband serving as your “ticket,” you tour the town while sampling great food and drink. It’s a wonderful day out!

Wristbands to take part are just $35 per person and are good for the entire afternoon.

Wristbands go on sale at 1:30pm on the day of the event, with the walk itself starting at 2:00pm. They can be purchased at the following locations (ID required for purchase) and include a map of all participating establishments:

  • Danny’s Grill & Wine Bar – 11 Bridge Avenue
  • Red Restaurant & Lounge – 3 Broad Street
  • Teak – 64 Monmouth Street

At Siam Garden, located in the historic Galleria, we are proud to offer two samples of authentic Thai cuisine for participants. We’re sure you will enjoy them!

We urge you to come visit our beautiful, historic community. We are proud to do business in such a lovely place, which is why we take part in events like the Food & Wine Walk.

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