How To Plan A Perfect Date Night

Whether it’s your first date or your 50th anniversary, it’s easy to fall into a routine date night patterns. While the classic movie date can be great, it’s important to spice things up sometimes! With a little bit of time and thought, it’s easy to plan the perfect date night that is sure to impress.

The first thing to keep in mind is to plan in advance! While spontaneity can be fun in any relationship, the perfect date can be even better if you take the time to plan things. With extra planning time, you can be sure that your date is unique and memorable. Think about something you think your partner might really love and plan ahead to make the experience great for them.

sweet sour chicken phanaeng curry with chickenA great start to a date might be to show up with a bottle of their favorite wine (which you might have to do some detective work ahead of time to find out). Show that you’re interested in them!

It’s so easy to spice up a regular dinner date into something new and exciting. Try somewhere new! If you have a regular place you go to on date night, change it up with something different. For example, instead of a traditional American or Italian meal, consider going out to eat Thai food in New Jersey.

While you are busy planning, the element of surprise for your date can always be a great touch. Do something they don’t expect you to do. Men, this might mean surprising her with her favorite flowers or the movie you watched on your first date. Ladies, try surprising him with his favorite 6-pack and a shoulder rub after a long week at work. This shows your partner how much they mean to you, and sets the perfect mood for your date!

The main event of your date doesn’t have to be the last! Show your date some post-dinner fun with a stop for ice cream or coffee at your favorite coffee house. Showing your date how much you enjoy their company is flattering and a sure way to show your date you’re having a great time.

It’s easy to plan the perfect date night when you put a little extra time and thought into it. For a great date night location, don’t forget to check out Siam Garden restaurant! Make sure you ‘Like’ us on Facebook for information and specials.

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